Case Study on Iron Range Engineering by CEEDA

What is CEEDA?

The Collaborative Engineering Education in the Digital Age website showcases examples of global best practice in collaborative and/or project-based engineering learning that are partially or wholly delivered online. It forms one element of a wider study looking at the lessons learnt from the current period of ‘emergency teaching’ and how this might impact the trajectory of engineering education in the future.

Part A. Best practice activity, Iron Range Design Project

Part B. Institutional context, Lessons learnt from emergency teaching

Contests tap student ideas for mental health, heart care

"Two Sanford Health clinical care workers placed well in recent idea challenges that tap the talent of college students."

Jan 22, 2021

IBL Students win awards for Innovation

"“Cardiopulmonary Biosensor” took top honors in the Undergraduate Student category. The project uses biosensors to identify cardiopulmonary disease."

Nov 20, 2020